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Edjacent is a design collaborative made of educators who believe in the promise of self-authorship — educators who design their own legacy. Click below to access our FREE Self-Authoring Educator course!

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Edjacent is a fast-growing community of educators working together to design their own legacies. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a designer or member, contact us!


How it works

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Members meet regularly, virtually and in person, to talk about their teaching lives.



Members have access to one-on-one professional coaching based on their individual needs.



Members have exclusive access to a self-paced, self-authoring curriculum intended to help them grow their professional or personal passion. Progress in this curriculum may lead to members becoming Edjacent designers in their own right.

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Our coaching program

Are you ready to take your learning and growth to the next level?  Our coaching program centers you. Edjacent offers customized support tailored to honor your strengths and build your capacity.

At Edjacent we believe:

⦿ Self-authorship is a journey; it is also the destination.

⦿ Investment in bespoke learning and coaching leads to transformational change.

⦿ We create growth through reciprocal processes; our coaches are also learners.

⦿ Knowing ourselves and building healthy connections with others builds our resilience and emboldens our purpose.

Book a 30-minute coaching session with Meghan or Mark.


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