Angelyn Nichols

Lead Coach, Edjacent

Angelyn is a teacher at heart. She currently works as a Professional Learning Specialist in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Angelyn has a passion for social emotional learning, equity, leadership development, trauma-informed practices, PLCs, visible thinking, and adult well-being. Over the past 20 years Angelyn has served classrooms, schools, and her communities in the following roles: Gifted Resource Teacher in grades K-8 (VA and NV), English and Writing teacher in grades 6-12 (CA and NV), Community Outreach and Curriculum Coordinator in the State Parent Information Resource Center (NV). 

Facilitation Specialties: Responsive Classroom, Caring School Community, Argument Driven Inquiry, Thinking Maps, Design Thinking

Who are you?

I am happiest outside and I have a deep love for the mountains and water.

I am an introvert that thinks deeply and feels strongly. Small talk is my kryptonite and my goal is to get good at it by the time I reach my 80s.

I have an uncanny ability to bring Brene Brown, her research, and her practices into almost any conversation on almost any topic.

My greatest loves are my partner and my kids. These are followed by tacos, dogs, quotes, sunshine, making things, coffee, and getting seconds on tacos.

Edjacent Why Statement
My purpose is to build authentic connections with the hearts and minds of educators. I am drawn toward potential in people and practices and believe that together we can self-author the fulfilling and joyful careers we imagine. In Edjacent we celebrate our unique identities, seek growth, and collectively build our capacity to be courageous educators in our communities.
Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Systems thinking; coaching; adult learning theory (made practical and even fun); mission/vision/strategy development; identity development; curriculum design; deep-end planning; strengths-based teaching; emotionally intelligent leadership; innovation & design thinking

Current & Past Work

Through Edjacent

Edjacent Coaching Framework
Claiming Your Professional Purpose Workshop (August 28, 2021)
Emotional Intelligence mini-series (Fall 2021)

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