Annette M. Conley

Reading Specialist

Annette Conley is a Reading Specialist with Virginia Beach City Public Schools; she has been teaching for over 30 years. She maintains her passion for teaching and for reaching students and still loves going to school every day.

Annette loves to write curriculum, model lessons, coach educators, write articles, teach literacy lessons, and motivate educators and students.

Who are you?

I am a wife to Chuck, mom to Sarah and Logan, daughter to Arthur, and caregiver to all of these wonderful people in my life.

I am almost obnoxiously optimistic — I’ve been told it can be annoying — I truly can find the positive in most situations.

I love spending time with friends and family and get very lonely when I’m not around people.

I have been called the life of the party, and I won’t elaborate on that.

Edjacent Why Statement
My purpose is to inspire others and to celebrate and honor educators. I believe in promoting change by being a positive, reasonable voice in education. I believe in Edjacent because we celebrate and embrace what we all bring to the table and we work together to improve ourselves and education.
Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Coaching; literacy instruction; professional development on effective teaching; lesson design; implementing literacy instruction in a practical way; and supporting, motivating, and advocating for teachers

Current & Past Work

Through Edjacent

     Blog post: “Keeping the Balance with Home Learning” 

  More coming soon

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