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Be useful

I’ve had a lot of jobs in education since I started my career in 2005. I’ve been a classroom teacher, a coach, a curriculum writer, a professional developer, a consultant, a national trainer, a partnerships coordinator, a program director, a book seller, a home school parent… the list goes on. I think its good to have a variety of experiences when facing sticky problems. So, no matter my job title (and sometimes when I don’t even have one), I focus on one thing:

Be useful.

I want to always be as helpful as I can in the situation I am in. My current situation includes a flexible schedule, a unique skill set for the moment, the will to listen to a lot of voices from a lot of perspectives and the desire to be useful.

To that end, I’m excited to announce the launching of Edjacent Coaching

The platform we’ve been using for our online courses, Teachable, recently added a coaching platform and I am using it to launch a coaching program for parents, families and caregivers who need advice and a listening ear regarding remote learning. 

Participants will receive a detailed intake survey, one hour of live coaching, and a two-week plan for remote learning based on the conversation. This plan can include family needs (like work/teaching balance), student needs (like customized remediation/enrichment) and teaching needs (like scheduling, help interpreting school plans, or wording for contacting a teacher or administrator). 

In addition to the coaching service, I will be creating a series of short courses based on common issues/challenges families are facing. The first, Morning Routine 101, is available for free for all coaching clients and includes a template for creating a morning schedule for/with your child. 

Please feel free to share these resources with families you know could benefit from them.

In the meantime, how might you be useful during this time? Do you have a specific skill or message to share with families? If so, feel free to contact Meghan to use the Edjacent platform to launch your own coaching service or course!

Meghan Raftery is a freelance educator and mother of 2 boys, ages 5 and 7. She specializes in authentic learning, innovation and program design for schools, nonprofits and families. She is the facilitator of, a design collaborative for educators.

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