Douglas G. Wren, Ed.D.

Research & assessment Sage

Doug is a retired educator from Atlanta, Georgia. He taught elementary school for the DeKalb County (GA) School District, where he became Director of Research & Evaluation. Doug also served as Educational Measurement & Assessment Specialist with Virginia Beach City Public Schools from 2008 through 2019. 

Doug’s wife is an educator, his son recently finished a 4-year stint in the United States Marine Corps, and his daughter is a student at the University of Virginia. Doug has two education degrees from the University of Georgia and a master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Who are you?

My main pursuits during the 1970s and 1980s were playing and coaching competitive soccer.

I worked in public recreation for 14 years, then found my true calling as an elementary teacher.

I’ve published seven articles and a book in the past 6 years.

Edjacent Why Statement

My three decades as a public school teacher and administrator were personally and professionally rewarding; however, I want to do more. I’d like to see real changes in K-12 education. My reasons for joining Edjacent were to help educators better themselves and improve their practice, advocate for change in education, and be part of a “club” of innovative and dedicated educators.

Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Coaching; test/assessment development & improvement; performance tasks & rubrics; assessment literacy; children’s test anxiety; educational research; gifted education; writing & publishing; syntaxology; devil’s advocacy

Current & Past Work

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