Everything Is a Lesson! Part Two

As I aspire to be a better human being, I understand the beauty of valuing myself, my lived experiences, and every individual placed in my life. Through the process of understanding, I embrace the fact that I choose how I respond to situations, individuals, and circumstances. I should intentionally set aside time to reflect on my day, my experience, my goal, my purpose, and my outlook. More importantly, I should consider how I can use visualization to set my intentions.

Based on these processes, we can learn more about ourselves if we create the conditions. Everything can be a lesson if you allow the lesson to teach you! When you allow the lesson to teach you, your discernment is sharpened and your intuition is enhanced. This makes you aware. The more aware you become, certain practices and strategies become a part of your personal practices and strategies. As you examine your core values and beliefs you interchange certain practices and strategies to align with your current values and beliefs. Truly examine who and what you stand for as an individual. Who do people see? Who do I see? Who am I when no one is around? What are some similar characteristics? What are some differences? Are you willing to learn more about yourself? Set aside time to reflect and set intentions based on your level of comfort. Stay curious and proactive! Allow yourself to be empowered to explore yourself. Like the NBC commercial says, “the more you know, the more you grow.” I would make it plain to the topic of self. The more you know about yourself, the more you fulfill your purpose and greatness.  #salute2learning         

Call to Action

Join me for a conversation to discuss the concept of everything is a lesson! How do I learn through formal and informal experiences? How do I allow myself to find beauty in everything? How do I practice realism, but strive for my goals? Bring your reflective questions and let’s dialogue on Saturday, October 30th from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Register Here   

1 thought on “Everything Is a Lesson! Part Two”

  1. Loving this blog series, Sebrina. It reinforces my own processes of self-reflection. As I consider my past actions and decisions, whether professional or personal, it is noticeable, at least to me, how my desire to suppress my emotions, or not recognize those feelings, led to limited, and predictable responses. More often meeting conflict with anger. As I reflect back, had I recognized my feelings, I may have been able to think more critically, respond better, and make decisions that had better outcomes. I wonder how many opportunities I missed, or how much better I could have been as an educator, had I been more self-aware.

    More importantly, as I ask myself these difficult questions, I realize that my values changed and shifted over time, so that the person, parent, and educator I am today is much different to who I was 5, 10, and 20 years ago. Reflection, self-authorship, personal, and professional growth can change who we are and how we act, Hopefully for the better.

    I encourage Edjacent members and non-members alike to invest time on Saturday and join Sebrina is unpacking their own reflective questions.

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