Jaime Lara Shannon Kurowski


Jaime has been a teacher since the third grade. Growing up in New Jersey, her friend had a basement classroom complete with a desk, chalkboard, and 5-piece chalk holder for drawing lines on the board. After receiving her degree in education from West Virginia University, Jaime served for a year as an AmeriCorps volunteer, teaching first grade in New Mexico. Traveling back across the country, Jaime and her girlfriends landed in Northern Virginia, where she taught fifth grade in a Title I school with a high ESL population. Jaime was grateful to stay home with her children after they were born; she later moved to Virginia Beach and returned to the classroom. Jaime has taught grades 2-5 in gifted, inclusion, and gifted-inclusion classes. She recently had the pleasure of team teaching to solidify her love and craft of WORDS. Jaime has a small driftwood art business and is pursuing publishing.

Who are you?

I am a mother, teacher, poet, small business owner, local artist and I have driven cross country three times, went skydiving, I once called myself a roller skater, skier, potter, photographer, I love color, thunderstorms, music-especially the 80’s hair bands, trees, mountains, Converse in all the colors, artichokes, pompoms, serendipity, and words.

Edjacent Why Statement

I believe in the power of words. Without a positive mindset the power of “overworked and undervalued “ can crush teachers mentally and physically. Writing, meditation, and mindfulness have given me tools to overcome a stroke, panic attacks, and divorce, all while dealing with the unrealistic expectations of a classroom teacher. I want to advocate for the mental and physical health of teachers so they might see how shifting their mindset can make a significant impact on their quality of life. It is also extremely important to me to keep teachers distinctive. Some schools have standardized teaching so much that the unique passions and talents that make teaching come alive for teachers are stifled. I hope to be a quirky and inspiring reminder to stay true to yourself. Your life depends on it.

Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Words! Jaime creates content, courses, and coaching that reflect her love of words, helping adults and children use words to express themselves and become more whole.

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