Jared Fritzinger

Jared Fritzinger
Jared is an 8th Grade Civics and Economics teacher at Old Donation School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  A classroom teacher for 10 years, Jared also oversees interdisciplinary student sustainability projects at ODS and is the lead facilitator of the EcoBus, a student project that is creating a mobile sustainability classroom on a decommissioned school bus.  In addition to his classroom work, Jared pursues his interest in self-education and passion driven projects at his website and blog.
Who are you?

Semi-professional drummer

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner

Amateur skateboarder

Sports enthusiast

Edjacent Why Statement

My purpose is to shepherd people who are good for the system, but feel completely lost and misunderstood in the system.  I am constantly seeking conversations with the misfits, rebels, rogues, and square pegs who reject the status quo and want to artfully break the rules.  

Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Personal development, classroom practice, curriculum and instruction, growth and innovation, uncommon pathways, self education

Current & Past Work

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