Katie niehoff

Katie Niehoff

Katie Niehoff graduated from William Paterson University of New Jersey with a Studio Art Degree and Elementary Education Certification. Katie then moved to Virginia Beach and started her career as a professional educator, beginning as a classroom teacher and then as an instructional coach and gifted resource teacher. She earned her master’s of education from Regent University in 2014 and was promoted to curriculum coordinator where she focused on providing high quality professional development for teachers and administrators. Katie then served as assistant principal, gaining leadership experience at the community level. While in these educational leadership roles, Katie served in many different capacities while refining her ability to create and deliver presentations while public speaking at the local, state, and national levels. 

Currently, Katie Niehoff serves as the Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Coastal Virginia. The American Red Cross became a passion of Katie’s following a difficult pregnancy and delivery where she experienced full blood loss and required 14 blood donations to survive. From that moment, Katie committed herself to promote and support the American Red Cross so that she could give back and improve the lives of others.

Who are you?

I am a true crime super fan — podcast, miniseries — you name it, I love it! 

I am the mom of #wholelottaniehoffs, 5 amazing boys, who keep us busy and grounded! 

I completed the New York City Marathon in 2019 with the American Red Cross #RunfortheRed Team. 

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I want to help educators find their true passion and use their skills to drive their success.

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