LouAnne Metzger

Designer, Thought Partner

LouAnne Metzger served in a variety of positions in public education for 33 years; she is a curious individual and an advocate of no child left indoors. LouAnne loves nature, especially trails, waterways, and the mountains. She is happiest when surrounded by family and friends in an outdoor setting – hiking in parks or mountains, exploring, or sharing food together via slow cooking. LouAnne also treasures her down time to piddle, plan, think, and read.

LouAnne’s life’s goals are to turn FOMO into JOMO- to experience the wonder and awe daily and to be there for her grandchildren. She is also an early adopter and has a knack for seeing trends in education that have the potential to propel success.

LouAnne’s heart is her family- her husband, 5 kids, 4 grandchildren, parents, siblings, and their families. Her bumper sticker could read: Love Family. Cook them tasty food.

Who are you?

She is a grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a retired educator. 

She is an advocate of no child left indoors.

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Edjacent Why Statement

Everyone deserves a thought partner. Knowledge should be accessible to everyone and for learning to occur, schools have a responsibility to be an interesting, meaningful, and relevant place for students as well as those who serve them.

Unique areas of focus in edjacent
  • Building leadership capacity within schools
  • Establishing a school-wide focus on sustainability/environmental awareness/global goals
  • Teaching outside the 4 walls of the classroom
  • Creating relevant/meaningful learning opportunities
  • Asking thoughtful questions- when coaching, providing feedback, leading groups
  • Building school community
  • Backwards planning
  • Serving as a thought partner
Current & Past Work

Through Edjacent

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