Mark M. Diacopoulos, Ph.D.

Assistant Design Officer, Edjacent

Mark is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Leadership at Pittsburg State University, Kansas. He researches diverse topics such as meaningful integration of social emotional learning into the curriculum, educational technology in social studies, social studies preservice education, teacher candidate dispositions, and the ever-evolving identities of teachers and educators.

Mark has over 25 years’ experience ten as a high school teacher in England, with the rest earned in the US as a social studies teacher, technology specialist, and teacher educator. He describes himself as a dad, Arsenal fan, sometime travel soccer coach, and semi-retired broken Aikidoka. Not necessarily in that order.

Who are you?

Soccer fan and coach
Semi-retired broken Aikidoka

Edjacent Why Statement
Our education system needs to change. Change begins with teachers. I helped create Edjacent so that teachers can take control over their professional and personal development, get help and advice from expert professionals about the things that matter to them, and for teachers to gain recognition for their intellectual property.
Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Personal development; reflective practice; problems of practice; self-authorship for members; developing teacher identity; meaningful use of technology; educational theory and practice; curriculum & instruction; social studies theory and practice

Current & Past Work

Through Edjacent

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