Meghan Raftery

Chief Design Officer, Edjacent

Meghan is a freelance educator in Virginia Beach, Virginia, currently supporting teachers, schools, districts, and organizations on innovative projects; building teacher capacity; and developing curriculum. A generalist at heart, Meghan cultivates a breadth and depth of experience both inside and outside of education.

She currently serves as a part-time trainer and curriculum developer for Defined Learning, innovation coordinator for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, program director for the CROP Foundation, events planner for Read Booksand micro-credential project co-lead for the Virginia Association of Supervision & Curriculum Development.

Through her work with a variety of educators across the country, Meghan developed the initial concept of Edjacent as a slow hunch, refined over time with the help of many educators and great thinkers from a variety of fields who have great faith in and great fears for the future of American public education.

Who are you?

I call myself a freelance educator, a term (I think) I made up but should definitely be a thing.
I’m a voracious reader — with my eyes and ears. I typically read more than 100 books per year.
I sing my sons’ names (Jude and Pete) into every song that has the words “you” and “me.” 

My “real” name contains a silent 5. (
I’ve worked with educators in more than 38 states — and counting!

Edjacent Why Statement

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. . . on my own terms. As a self-authoring educator, I know how challenging it can be to forge a new pathway through a stubborn system. However, together we can change everything we’ve never been able to change alone. I believe the best teachers are artists who deserve to be respected (and compensated) for their individual and collective wisdom.

Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Co-creator of the Edjacent member curriculum, hope coach, champion of self-authorship, designer recruitment, member cultivation, bespoke career planning, connector, and idea elevator.

Current & Past Work

Through Edjacent

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