Sarah donnelly

Sarah Donnelly
Sarah was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her journey to become an educator was also rooted there. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Kutztown University before heading south to Virginia. There she began her career as an educator with Virginia Beach City Public Schools and earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Regent University. Over the last eight years she has served as a classroom teacher in gifted, inclusion, and ESL settings, as well as an instructional coach in several Title I schools across the school district. During this time she realized her passion for inquiry-based science instruction, which quickly grew outside of the classroom. Sarah has shared her love of inquiry at science conferences across Virginia. She collaborated with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to develop and facilitate professional development sessions for K-12 science leaders from each school district across the state. Most recently, through a  partnership with VDOE and Virginia Commonwealth University, she collaborated with other master educators to develop inquiry-based lessons that focus on culturally responsive practices and teaching for the statewide Open Educational Resources initiative called #GoOpenVA Much of Sarah’s personal time is spent living life in Virginia Beach with her husband, their three children, and their rescue pup.
Who are you?

Learner, thinker, creator, educator

Lover of the sun, sand, ocean, and salty air

Aspiring children’s yoga instructor (August 2021)

Curator of delicious dining experiences, moments of laughter, and travel memories

Edjacent Why Statement

My work with Edjacent is driven by my hope for a better quality of life for educators and those they impact. I want to support educators in a way that leaves them feeling fulfilled, powerful, validated, and important.

My ideal place in education (so far) has been coaching. I want to help educators grow and feel safe to nourish their ideas and passions.

Unique areas of focus in edjacent

Sharing, developing, and facilitating opportunities to connect and collaborate with other members; guiding members in forging their path in Edjacent and in their professional or personal life; connecting members with designers for a tailored coaching experience

Current & Past Work

Through Edjacent

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