The Self-Authoring Educator in VASCD Journal

Edjacent Assistant Chief Design Officer Mark Diacopoulos and I are the proud authors of a an article called The Self-Authoring Educator: Designing Your Own Legacy on page 85 of Virginia ASCD’s 2021 digital journal.

As you can hear in Editor Eric Carbaugh, Ph.D.’s opening message on page 4 of the journal, the theme of this year’s edition is HOPE and we are certainly hopeful about the promise of self-authorship to shape the future of education. We plan to continue to share this message of the hope of self-authorship at the VASCD Annual Conference on December 8 as well as through a free, self-paced course based on the same presentation as an introduction to Edjacent and our perspective on self-authorship as a precursor to our new member-only curriculum.

VASCD’s annual conference is at capacity for in-person attendance, but there are still virtual seats available. The conference will feature keynotes by some of our favorite Edjacent Adjacent authors and speakers, including Jennifer Abrams of Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing Up at Work. (See page 7 for more information.)

You may also enjoy Working Towards Visible Equity: Transforming Leadership for Visible Equity on page 37, co-authored by friend-of-Edjacent Dr. Veleka Gatling. We’ll be sharing more information about Edjacent’s work with Dr. Gatling in future blog posts.

In the letter from VASCD Executive Director Laurie McCullough on page 8, she asks, What do you need now as a learner? As a member of a team? A faculty? A community? As you reflect on these questions, we hope you feel a sense of empowerment from the concept of self-authorship and join us on this personal and collective journey!

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