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Our Vision:

Empower educators to design their legacy.

Our Mission:

Edjacent liberates educators who have the audacity to self-author. We design bespoke coaching, foster community, and create content that equips educators to learn and lead joyfully and with agency. 

At Edjacent, we believe the people closest to the learning — students and their teachers and caregivers — should have the strongest voice. We empower educators to use their voices to design creative ways to inspire change in education, utilizing an adult learning theory concept called “self-authoring.”

Self-authoring educators understand how learning occurs. They understand their identity and can articulate it with a keen sense of their values. They know how to take responsibility for their own learning, relying on communities of practice they belong to through their careers and personal lives.

Self-authoring educators are not only teachers — they are also full-fledged human beings. Some of their most important lessons as educators come from their personal experiences as well as their professional experiences.

Educators are artists with their own unique perspectives and approaches. We honor those approaches and advocate for educators to develop their whole selves so they can best serve students.

Our coursework, community meetings, and coaching focus on developing self-authoring skills, helping educators take command of their professional and personal development. Empowering educators with self-authorship will make them agents of change in the systems where they do their work.


Core Values:



Educators who can show up as their true selves in their classrooms and places of work



Educators who value lifelong learning in areas of interest and need, even when they are viewed as experts in their role



Educators who teach, learn, and grow alongside other educators who care as deeply as they do



Educators who are healthy and whole, able to present their best selves to their students, but not at the expense of their own well-being or that of their loved ones



Educators who share their wisdom so their accumulated experiences benefit the profession long after they leave the classroom

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